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A detailed discussion prior to handling leaky Chimneys

Jun 28


Roof leaks can happen anywhere on your roof. But, the majority of roof leaks occur around chimneys and skylights.

The leaky chimney could quickly become costly issues. Ceiling staining, warping of drywall and insulation saturation, as well as the growth of mold, and even damage to the inside of your home.


Do not make the mistake of ignoring minor leaks, and causing serious harm, should you find your chimney leaking during inclement weather.

Why Chimneys are at risk of leak

How can chimney leaks be caused in the first place?


Five Main Reasons Chimney Leaks Are Common:

  • Capsule missing or damaged

  • Crown of the chimney is cracked

  • Flashing problems

  • Leaky bricks

  • A faulty chimney liner

The reason for this is that chimneys may create crevices and cracks with time, allowing water to penetrate them. Roof flashing is a fabricated metal strip that is applied between the chimney's roof and the chimney. It may also become loose from high winds or other adverse weather conditions.


A poorly installed chimney flashing can result in roof deterioration. Chimney leaks are the primary cause of the damage you'll notice from a faulty chimney flashing installation. Instead of keeping rain and snow away from the roof seams, sub-par flashing allows moisture to enter the roof's structure. The leakage of water can cause mildew and mold, as well as prematurely aging the roof.

How to deal with Leaky Chimneys: Repair & Inspection Tips

What are you able to do to sure that your roof is in good condition? Begin by hiring a Phoenix tile roof experts to examine your home and fix any issues promptly.


Your chimney will be inspected by the roofer you have hired when he arrives.


  • Broken bricks and stones

  • Loose mortar joints

  • Cracks in the foundation of the chimney

  • Flashing that's not working correctly

An inspection thorough of your house will tell you if there are any leaks. This will include the chimney, skylights, vents, and flashing. Advosy Roofing can provide professional assistance with roof tile repair phoenix. If the chimney material is not damaged, the water leak could be due to flashing damage. Flashing is a piece of metal that is put around the base of the chimney, and then over it with shingles. It blocks water infiltration. Certain flashings can be fixed however, if it displays evidence of rust or signs of wear and tear, your contractor may need to remove the shingles and replace it with new.

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